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Ghost or Rock? [15 May 2011|12:01am]

Took this back in 2010 when I went to Gettysburg with friends. I was just taking pictures out at Devil's Den and when I went through these I had found what looked like a figure out in the brush. At the time I took the picture nobody was out there or even walking near that area of the field. You be the judge.

Photo with close up:

Interestingly I've seen other's photos of supposed apparitions out at Devil's Den and they looked somewhat similar... appearing human but washed out.
Original PhotoCollapse )
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Odd.fm, an paranormal discussion board [19 Apr 2010|03:42pm]

A bud of mine has created a forum for discussing everything paranormal, if your interested in joining head on over to:

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Pardon the dust. [01 Dec 2009|01:17am]

Havn't been making any posts as of late but havn't been exactly in the ghost hunting mood since I had the misfortune of being followed home from my last hunt at the Easton Cemetary several months ago... if you've never had that happen count yourself lucky, whatever it was startled me pretty bad lol. If anybody has any questions about places in PA don't hesitate to ask. I have quite a collection of books dealing with PA haunts so there is bound to be at least something about something in your area. Happy hunting!
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Hi everybody! [13 Nov 2009|07:48pm]

[ mood | energetic ]

My name is Yolanda and... yeps, I´m new.
I'm spending this month of November in New Hope, pa, but in a few months I'll be living here permanently and I was wondering if there is anyone interested in the paranormal, ghost hunting, etc... that lives in New Hope or nearby. I've been interested in the paranormal, specially all that has to do with ghosts, since i was very young and have done a few ghost hunting amateur trips (without equipment apart from cameras) in the UK. I would love to join any paranormal investigations and meeting local people that have the same interest in the paranormal, preferably from New Hope or nearby (the reason been I havent got transport myself). For what I´ve read in these many posts, there are a lot of people with great info and experiences to share regarding to the paranormal and willing to go out there and investigate too, So... I´m really hoping to hear from you.

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Warning to Spammers [29 Sep 2009|02:01am]

If I catch you posting spam, you will lose posting privileges. That is all.
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Book List Coming Soon [16 Mar 2009|06:26pm]

I've recently come across a bunch of books about haunted locations in the PA area, mainly the Lancaster, Berks, and York County area as well as some notable places in Philly. I'll post a detailed bibliography on these books when I get a chance. Happy Hunting.
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story with an update [10 Nov 2007|07:45am]

I've introduced myself here but I've never told any of my stories. since I have a little update, I decided to share my oldest with everyone.

from the time I was born until the age of 9 my parents and I lived in an apartment building that my father also worked in. we lived on the ground floor, in a two-bedroom apartment. as far back as I could remember, I would see the shadowy outline of a man standing outside of my bedroom door, who would appear after my parents had tucked me into bed. it was like clockwork: my parents would put me to bed and the second they left the room the figure would step out from my doorway and just stand there. I was never fearful of him, it was as if I understood he was watching over me until I fell asleep.

every single night he would appear. I can remember being so curious as to where he came from, that after my parents put me to bed I'd jump out and lay on my floor, inside of the doorway. without fail my mom or dad would come along and tell me to get back into bed. the second they left, he would appear. just once it entered my room, showing up at the end of my bed. I freaked out and it never came in again.

we moved on my 9th birthday, and while that house had its share of weird experiences it didn't have the man. in the beginning I missed it and honestly had a hard time adjusting to sleep without his presence. it wasn't until I was 14 that my mom finally believed me. before then both she and my dad thought I was just a kid with an overactive imagination.

my father used to use that apartment as a workspace but now a co-worker is living there. he's a fan of ghost hunting shows so this past halloween he decided to play around with the recording function on his cell phone. when he played it back, he caught the voice of a man when at the time he was alone in the apartment. so he brought the recording to my dad for a listen. my dad is kind of a skeptic and while he couldn't make out what the voice was saying he couldn't deny the fact that he heard it. so he told his friend the story of the man I used to see in my old bedroom.

as it turns out, the recording was taken inside of my old room.
and now my father finally believes me haha.

I'm dying to go there and do some EVP work myself but he says I can't since his friend lives there haha. I'm hoping one of these days he'll let me give it a try even though now he's apparently creeped out by living there.
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[03 Oct 2007|01:38am]

Does anyone know any ghost tours around allentown/reading pa? Or near by.
Im looking to do a bunch since it's soon halloween!
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[23 Aug 2007|03:48pm]

Hi, I'm Ashley, and I'm new.

I live in Philadelphia and would like to hunt some ghosts in Philly. If anyone wants to, I'd love to join up with some people and check things out around the city. I would suggest Washington Square simply because it's open at night, and it's a known mass burial ground for various reasons (Revolutionary War, the yellow fever epidemic, etc.).

Does anyone here actually have equipiment for hunts? Like recording devices for EVPs and the like? Besides that, does anyone actually go on ghost hunts?
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intro [20 Aug 2007|08:38am]

I just joined the community, I'm really glad to have found one based in an area I actually live in.

my name is samantha, I'm 23 and live in philly. I've had quite a few creepy encounters but aside from a trip I did a couple of months ago with some members of TAPS/"ghost hunters" I've never done an actual ghost hunt. I would really love to get involved with some type of group but they all seem to base most of their work outside of the philadelphia area.

I'm really interested in hearing everyone's stories and being able to learn more about what it takes to perform good investigations.
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Long time no post [31 Jul 2007|06:53am]

Wow, I havn't been doing my job as moderator lol.. last post here was in 2006. Well I do have some info for all of you.. My little group of Ghosthunters up at my school in Williamsport have done a couple hunts with interesting results..

Places of Interest:

Allison's Grave
Mosquito Creek Rd
South Williamsport, PA

This is quite a famous haunt in PA, especially in Lycoming County. we investigated but nothing out of the ordinary happened until we examined our EVP which yielded a man screaming, it still makes my skin crawl.. also we had a photo from one of our group that has what appears to be a face (would post it but I can't find the damn image...) I do stress that there are a few dangers of going to this place. Pratically your in a neighborhood, people will not like you wandering around with flashlights.. on a more supernatural level.. seeing Allison means terrible misfortune (I was not aware of this when I took my group there, luckily we did not see her) from what I've read bad car accidents are the common outcome.. so go here at your own risk.

Wildwood Cemetary
Williamsport, PA

This is probly the largest cemetary on the East Coast, believe me when I say its huge. There really wasn't anything to base an investigation on, it's a cemetary and always a possibility for finding something, well we found something all right. There was a Moseleum for family Horton in which one of our dumb hunters (also drunk) decides to knock on the door. Well I jokingly said, "lets hope nobody answers" well not long after I said that we heard banging sounds from our left, right then a loud slam behind us like somebody had stomp on the ground with great force. Lets say we high tailed it out of there... We went back another time but this phenomena never manifested itself again.
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[17 Oct 2006|12:35am]

hey people,

im new here. :]
my name is Tori..im 18 and live in kutztown pa.
i never went ghost hunting..other then gettiburge one year which really was lame for all the hookuspookus bullshit. like the one basement. it looked like a haunted playhouse. "dont say his name" yeah.. bull.

anyways. where can i find ghost hunting events that are groups not the huge public ones that cost 45$ just to go to one.

last year i was bumming because i never went somewhere haunted.. i wanted to and it really made me sad that i couldnt.

i mean im sure i would be scared but thats just my dream of going ghost hunting an capturing something.

advice would be great. thanks people :]
take care.
-unknownname a.k.a Tori
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[13 Oct 2006|04:22am]

Hey everyone :)

Since its almost Halloween, I figured I'd post this.

Its a horror movie website that has reviews, interviews and a forum so yinz can talk about different movies and stuff. One of the guys who runs it, Dinger, lives here in Pgh :) Also, the site will let us all know when the new ToeTag Pictures movie, RedSin Tower, will premiere here in Pgh. So go check it out and sign up for the forums. I promise yinz will enjoy it :)

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[12 Jun 2006|04:54am]

New member to the group, in Lancaster County.

Been into ghosts and spirits my whole life. My mother raised me on the ghost-stories of her childhood. We both have a real passion for ghost-hunting and such. My team and I visit a few sites in the area. I am curious if anyone else has any experience with these sites and whether they've seen any activity or not. Most were heard of by word of mouth and local legend.

-666 Bridge
-Sin City
-The Knocking Bridge
-Purple Light Bridge
-Gravity Hill
-Seven Gates of Hell

and a few others, all in the Lancaster/York County areas. I won't say our results until I get some feedback, if that's okay. Some have turned out crap and others very fruitful. I also recommend a book called "Weird Pennsylvania", which I recently got my hands on. It is a treasure trove of sites with general directions.

My team is also a spiritual group that does mediumwork and spiritwork, but I am pretty sure that is off-topic here, so I will stick to the more scientific aspects of our research/experiences.


P.S. I will post locations, directions, and more info on these sites if anyone is unfamiliar with them and would like to check them out.
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Hey I'm new here. [30 Aug 2005|10:16pm]

I was looking for a community for ghost hunters and lucky for me I found one exactly what I'm looking for.

My sister, her boyfriend Dan, his friend Chris and myself made our own ghost hunting group. We've been trying to look for haunted places to investigate. We live in the Delaware County area, near Philadelphia really.

I would mention the places that we've investigated but I don't know any directions or anything. I could look them up later and post them. I know general areas like a place we're most likely going to investigate this weekend called "Cry Baby Bridge" in New Hope. I honestly don't remember the real name of the bridge but I've seen one picture from there and a vague "What you may hear..." kind of thing. But I guess it's up to who really hears or sees things, yes?

Well, hopefully I can contribute some nice sites for some other ghost hunters!
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[19 Aug 2005|05:38pm]

Our group decided to join this community because we ghost hunt in the Indiana County area. As of right now we have done little ghost hunting, because everyone has been busy with everything, but we do have two EVPs so far.
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Looking for others in Pittsburgh [06 Aug 2005|04:08am]

[ mood | hopeful ]

I've done very little hunting that I can count it on one hand. I'm looking for a group or some people that I can join with eventually to go on hunts with. My transportation at the moment is limited, but that should change before winter. I hope to find a group of people that are 25+ but I'm not completely limiting if the persons are mature and follow and don't break laws. I myself am 35.

I'm not a technical person, my reasons for going on hunts are more personal and I'm trying to see what I can sense, though I like to try to take pictures. I've had some interesting experiences in places that are not "marked" as haunted spots. I find once these places are discovered, that they are the most interesting targets as opposed to the more well known.

Am crossing my fingers in hopes that there are some of you out there.


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Website promotion. [05 Aug 2005|10:43pm]

Hello all. I'm just here to promote my website that I run with a friend of mine. Check out www.downadarkpath.net, and check out our forum here. The website is not currently up, but at least check out the forum, register, and start posting!
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[05 Aug 2005|04:57pm]

[ mood | aggravated ]

why is there a Saw 2?

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[27 Jun 2005|10:54am]

Hi everyone.
I just joined this community.

I live in Harrisburg. I've had some pretty good experiences throughout the years, and I will try to post as many as I can. I'll start off with one now.

Before I moved to Harrisburg, I lived in a very small coal mining town. On the outskirts of town, there is an abandoned Catholic elementary school. Rumors are that this school was closed down after a nun hung herself in the basement. I was a little skeptical about it, so my brother and I decided to check it out. The building itself was really interesting. We looked around the first floor for a little but saw nothing out of the ordinary. Just a bunch of dusty desks and lots of cobwebs. The second floor was just the same: more abandoned classrooms. The first supernatural experience occured when we got to the third floor. There was a very large room on the third floor (definitely not a classroom, probably a library or something). There were no windows in this room, but there was a door into it and an open doorway out on the other side of the room. The doorway led to a really small room (possibly an office or storage room). This little room had another door which was locked. The strange part is, this little room, which was only big enough for maybe 3 or 4 people to stand in, was VERY windy. It was September or October and the weather outside was about 50-60. This tiny room was COLD. It was like standing in front of an air conditioner vent with the cold air blowing in your face. Then, as soon as we stepped back out of the doorway into the large room, there was nothing. We both believed that there was something more on the other side of that door, but we really did not want to damage property so we continued the exploration.

We went back down to the first floor and found the stairs to the basement. Other than that general creepy feeling, there was nothing. It was a little disappointing to say the least, but after experiencing that little room, we began to feel as maybe there was something here after all, just somewhere other than the basement. When we were leaving, we decided to check out the last remaining section. This school (which was closed around the early 60s) had a roller rink on the first floor, but in the back of the school. It looked like maybe the roller rink was turned into a general storage area because the floor was covered with lots of junk (desks, books, etc). There was this pretty cool little counter with skates behind it that was basically untouched. The roller rink itself was two stories high, and the third floor had a balcony around the top.

Now the fun started: first came a BOOM. Perfectly logical explanation for this: a mouse probably knocked over a box. Then came a dragged out SCRAAAPING noise. A sound as if someone was pulling something heavy across the floor. Then another BOOM and another SCRAAAAPE. Then another BOOM and another SCRAAAPE. It was coming from the balcony. But there was nothing there. The noises continued over and over again. Then we noticed something. A door on the balcony, which would line up perfectly with the locked door in that small room on the third floor. Something was up there and it was behind the locked door. We decided we had enough for that night and went home.

The end.
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