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story with an update

I've introduced myself here but I've never told any of my stories. since I have a little update, I decided to share my oldest with everyone.

from the time I was born until the age of 9 my parents and I lived in an apartment building that my father also worked in. we lived on the ground floor, in a two-bedroom apartment. as far back as I could remember, I would see the shadowy outline of a man standing outside of my bedroom door, who would appear after my parents had tucked me into bed. it was like clockwork: my parents would put me to bed and the second they left the room the figure would step out from my doorway and just stand there. I was never fearful of him, it was as if I understood he was watching over me until I fell asleep.

every single night he would appear. I can remember being so curious as to where he came from, that after my parents put me to bed I'd jump out and lay on my floor, inside of the doorway. without fail my mom or dad would come along and tell me to get back into bed. the second they left, he would appear. just once it entered my room, showing up at the end of my bed. I freaked out and it never came in again.

we moved on my 9th birthday, and while that house had its share of weird experiences it didn't have the man. in the beginning I missed it and honestly had a hard time adjusting to sleep without his presence. it wasn't until I was 14 that my mom finally believed me. before then both she and my dad thought I was just a kid with an overactive imagination.

my father used to use that apartment as a workspace but now a co-worker is living there. he's a fan of ghost hunting shows so this past halloween he decided to play around with the recording function on his cell phone. when he played it back, he caught the voice of a man when at the time he was alone in the apartment. so he brought the recording to my dad for a listen. my dad is kind of a skeptic and while he couldn't make out what the voice was saying he couldn't deny the fact that he heard it. so he told his friend the story of the man I used to see in my old bedroom.

as it turns out, the recording was taken inside of my old room.
and now my father finally believes me haha.

I'm dying to go there and do some EVP work myself but he says I can't since his friend lives there haha. I'm hoping one of these days he'll let me give it a try even though now he's apparently creeped out by living there.
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