Sven (sakurahidaka) wrote in pa_ghosthunters,

Hey I'm new here.

I was looking for a community for ghost hunters and lucky for me I found one exactly what I'm looking for.

My sister, her boyfriend Dan, his friend Chris and myself made our own ghost hunting group. We've been trying to look for haunted places to investigate. We live in the Delaware County area, near Philadelphia really.

I would mention the places that we've investigated but I don't know any directions or anything. I could look them up later and post them. I know general areas like a place we're most likely going to investigate this weekend called "Cry Baby Bridge" in New Hope. I honestly don't remember the real name of the bridge but I've seen one picture from there and a vague "What you may hear..." kind of thing. But I guess it's up to who really hears or sees things, yes?

Well, hopefully I can contribute some nice sites for some other ghost hunters!
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